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Welcome to Our University

Welcome to the University of Computer Studies (Pakokku)!

University of Computer Studies (Pakokku) was founded as a Government Computer College (Pakokku) on 21st January 2002. The University was upgraded as a University on 20th January 2007.

The University has three layers main building that is on the north side of the Pakokku_Pauk road, away 6 miles 6 furlongs from Pakokku Town, near Tin_gat village Tin_gat village tract. The University is 62.5 acre wide.

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About Our University


Our Vision is to get qualified human resources and to support for development of the country.


Our mission is to train the students to be outstanding technicians and intellectual people.


Our objective is to be a University that trains computer human resources and that implements national researches.

Campus Facilities

University of Computer Studies (Pakokku) offers the following campus facilities to the students.

  • Student Hostel

    UCS (Pakokku) provides hostel to the University students.

  • Campus WiFi

    UCS (Pakokku) now enabling WiFi facility to their students.

  • Library

    UCS (Pakokku) has the library where the students can learn many latest technology.

  • Sports

    UCS (Pakokku) supports the sports facilities such as football, basketball and myanmar traditional sports to their students.

Latest News

These are the latest News of the University of Computer Studies (Pakokku).

Contact Us

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Mindat-Pakokku Road, Pakokku Township, Magway Regional Division, Myanmar, Postal Code: 04201

Phone: 09-255529931
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