• To get qualified human resources and to support for development of the country.
  • To outcome useful researches for the country.
  • To be listed in the top universities in ASEAN.
  • To develop teachers teaching skills and students learning skills.
  • To upgrade classrooms, lab rooms, library and teaching materials.
  • To train and get the job opportunities in private sectors based of computer technique.
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  • To train to be outstanding technicians and intellectual people.
  • To prepare international qualified curricula on regional needs.
  • To collaborate educational activities (teaching, learning, research) with international organizations.
  • To be a good example for students by taking responsibilities on own tasks.
  • To observe qualities of education and progress of the organizations (in/out).
  • To implement the policies and strategies for the development of education.



  • To be a university that trains computer human resources and that implements national researches.
  • To be an autonomous university that creates an educational environment.
  • To get participation of educated citizen to the country human resources by graduation of the university.
  • To train the human resources for the development of socioeconomic based on education.
  • To improve teaching, learning, research and managing tasks by effective using of information and communication technique.